About Ljubačevo

Ljubačevo is not a densely populated village, and the houses are not divided by streets like in the plains. The houses are often far from one another, but the people are close.

The main materials and sources of life for the people in Ljubačevo were mostly wood and stone. To produce a bite of soft bread from a hard wood and an even harder rock was always considered a great skill here.

From ancient times, in Ljubačevo, one had to work hard to have little: something in the stable, something in the garden, something in the barn… and yet, the soul was full.

Nature was not always kind to the people of Ljubačevo. Drought years used to burn crops, there was no water and the people and the cattle were thirsty, the wind called Dry Grad burned the leaves on the trees. Despite all that, the cruel their life was, the kinder, more gentle and noble the people were.

Above our Ljubačevo, like a patroness and a guardian mother, the Osmača Mountain stands. Whoever heard its hum and whisper as a child, he kept it in his heart and soul even if he was hundreds and thousands of miles away, wishing and dreaming of returning in the arms of the old mountain to, just hear once more that gentle hum and the comforting whisper of the mother mountain, where one was born and raised.

Ljubačevo is a place rich with valleys. It is as if Nature and Fate wanted to award these people with little oasis, where they could, in hard times and drought summers, sow a little something for hard autumns and winters, and by the spring, among snowdrops, primroses and violets, pick fresh nettle and greens, to survive untill the next summer and the next happy times.