Bend “Intime” shot a music video in the ethno village

Members of a music band named “Intime”, Ljubomir Perisic from Nikšić and guitarist Zoran Komjenović, shot a video for their first song “Banjalucanka” in the Ethno village Ljubačke Doline. The camerawork lasted for 3 days under the Žarko Kalabe’s direction.

The text of the poem was written by the popular actor Andrija Milosevic, a great friend of Ljubomir Perisic. He points out that beside his hometown Nikšić, he is particularly emotionally attached to Banja Luka where he spent many years.

The music band “Intime” has existed since 2008, and it is really unique that the agreement about creating a band was made in one tavern in Banja Luka. So far, they have performed throughout the region but they mainly performed cover songs, so “Banjalucanka” is the first song under their copyrights.

Ethno Village Ljubačke Doline perfectly fits into this love song, so the whole story along with the quality of sound and melody was completed by beautiful shots from Ljubačke Doline.