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Ethno village Lubačke Doline is located in the middle of the Ljubačevo village, some 17 kilometers from Banja Luka on the road to Kneževo

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Ljubačke Doline

“It is a saint’s day, no labour today, so people gathered for a chat and were pleased to see the bulls fight. That is how people from Zmijanje used to rest on a holy day”, Petar Kočić wrote, and we invite you to visit us and enjoy your free time

“He who honestly and passionately cherishes truth, freedom and his fatherland, is free and fearless as God, yet despised and hungry as a dog.”

Petar Kočić

“We were all born to die once; honor and shame will live forever.”

Petar II Petrović Njegoš

“If everyone does as much as they are capable, the nation will not fall.”

Vuk Karadžić

“You will roam the wide world with chivalrous ardour, but one day, you will return to your old home at a cheerless pace, you will remember everything and shed a tear, I know, like a loose ship, you will roam, forever alone!”

Branko Ćopić

“There comes a time when the mind falls silent, the fool speaks, and the beggar becomes rich.”

Ivo Andrić

“We should look into the future. We should walk into the future. All happier nations look into and walk into the future.”

Miloš Crnjanski

“The life of this people is filled with hunger, blood, torment; it lives miserably in its own country and dies meaninglessly in someone else’s.”

Meša Selimović

“I’m not sorry they stole my ideas, I’m sorry they didn’t have their own.”

Nikola Tesla

“It is the ox that bears the yoke, not Man, God gave freedom to Man.”

Aleksa Šantić

“There are people more brave before death that before life.”

Jovan Dučić

Only 17 kilometres from Banja Luka, on the road to Kneževo,

Phones: +387 65 390 628, +387 66 987 898

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