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The Inn

The ethno village Ljubačke doline can now offer a complete weekend vacation, where beside a village and museum tour, lunch or dinner in the tavern, you can now sleep over in authentic vajats (a small house used either as a pantry or as a dwelling in a traditional Serbia)adjusted to the needs of a modern man.

In our ethno village we have 10 beds at your disposal arranged in 3 best rated vajats. Double beds, single beds, bathrooms, fireplaces, and living room are fully adjusted to the requirements of a modern man, providing you with comfort you can enjoy in with your loved ones…

Price list:

– Singe room – 50KM
– Double room (French bed) -80KM
– One-bedroom apartment – 120KM,
– Daily rest – 50KM

* The given price includes breakfast and a tour in the village and museum (prices are the same for both domestic and foreign guests).

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